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Check out the Niner Encyclopedia for Specification & Setup.

This is your complete guide to the Niner Bikes line of frames and bicycles. If you read this, you have bettered about 95% of the buying public. In fact, opening the first page of the PDF and doing anything more than giving it a cursory glance means that you are way ahead of the curve. Congratulations!

This document contains some pretty important information that will help you care for and adjust your Niner frame. It also contains information that will help you to get the most out of every Niner product. We understand that you would rather be riding than reading, so we will try to be as brief and succinct as possible, while also giving you clear answers to your questions.

Niner offer a warranty on all Niner products - the specifics are contained in this document. You must register your warranty to receive full benefits. Besides that, get out on your Niner bike, have an amazing adventure, and keep the rubber side down!

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