Niner Geometry Philosophy & Basic Information

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How is Niner’s geometry like a dessert?

When considering bike frame options, we often hear riders ask questions like “what headtube angle does this frame have?” or, “what is the seat angle?”. While these are important numbers to consider, we would like to encourage you to step back and consider the whole frame when evaluating geometry. In fact, we would like to have you consider the whole bike build.

Think of bicycle geometry like you think of a cake. Cakes need flour, sugar, butter and eggs - if the chef alters the ratio, the taste and texture will vary. The same goes for bicycles - a frame designer that considers only one angle is creating a cake with only one ingredient in mind. It is essential that every tube length and every angle be evaluated in concert with the rest of the frame design and with the anticipated specifications of the complete bike in mind.

Now, there is room for variation in any recipe, and a good chef will know where they can have some fun with new ingredients. Perhaps one cake will contain chocolate, another might be made with carrots - everybody has a favorite. There is room for a lot of personalization in bike set up, too, but in the end, every bike still fits within a set of parameters that defines the geometry philosophies of the frame builder.

So, how does Niner geometry fit into this “cake” theory? Because we only build 29ers, we are able to make bikes in every flavor while everyone else is still learning how to turn on the oven. For every model, whether it is our lightest cross country hardtail or our burliest full suspension bike, we have considered how each angle or length will interact with big wheels to affect the finished build and in the end, how that finished build will affect the riding experience of every Niner owner.

The best way to evaluate any geometry is to ride the bikes. We know that in head to head comparisons, Niner’s geometry will shine through. Demo a Niner and see for yourself.

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