Genesis Croix de Fer 853 FS



The Daddy of all gravel bikes has been given the upgrade we've all been waiting for. Bolt through front and rear and Reynolds 853 Tubing. Carbon fork coming soon!

Build it your own way. 1x? 2x? 3x? Yes it does still exist (and it is still the best if you ask me) This frame is begging to be lavished in what ever goodies you can muster. 

An ultimately versatile and capable bike, the Croix has become a legend in its own lifetime and is much loved all over the world. As a commuter it's got confidence and sure-footedness to muscle its way through the rush hour. On a long days ride its got all you need to get you to the other end in comfort. On the track (the knobbliest track you can find) its unflappable and  forgiving thanks to the Reynolds 853 tubing. Bag it and rack it and hey presto! you've got yourself a touring bike. It does it all !

Before any of the others got involved with the whole adventure scene the Croix was way ahead of the game and there its remained really with only minor tweaks year on year. Until now. Stamping it authority over the other pretenders we now have the mighty Croix de Fer 853. Job done!