Bliss - Vertical Knee Pad

Bliss - Vertical Knee Pad
Flexible shock absorbing ARG knee padding
Shock: Freeze System. Armourgel® absorbs and dissipates energy, greatly reducing impact forces transmitted to the body. The special structure of Amourgel allows the material to absorb 80% of the impact energy
Air: Circulation System. Armourgel® is based on an open re-entrant structure, allowing natural ventilation and airflow around the body for ultimate comfort
Ergonomic fit
Kevlar at knee area
Adjustable elastic straps
Close to body fit, Armourgel® is totally flexible, giving the wearer greater freedom of movement
Easy Clean: Armourgel® can be washed more than 50 times at 40°C with no loss of impact performance properties
Self-Regenerative. Unlike PU or EPS foams, Armourgel® can be subjected to multiple impacts onto the same point without being destroyed
Four Strap elastic waist belt for a snug fit
CE Certified EN 1621-1