Genesis 2018 MGT Scoot XL beginner bike



Learning to balance within easy reach of the floor is a whole lot of fun.

This little balance bike will be the envy of the playground when the other mums and dads see it. Get your little nipper in the team on this very limited edition balance bike.
Full team colours with graphics and logos from Lazer, Shimano, Continental, Volvo, Madison Genesis, Genesis and PRO.
The ever popular little balance bike is as tough as you can possibly get and will be a great hand me down to little brother or sister when Jnr No1 finally outgrows it. Supplied with 2nd seat post to extend seat hight and extend the fun. Suited for riders 2-5 years
Learning to ride on a quality balance bike is THE best way to get your kids riding independently. Independence, confidence and control come on leaps and bounds once onboard. 
If your looking at bikes with stabilisers and tassels then stop and think again. Stabilisers will hold back your child's ability to ride correctly and removing them will be a long and painful experience. Getting their balance before peddling is far more important and any kid who's had a coupe of weeks on a balance machine will be quicker than any stabiliser bike by a long stretch, meaning they can go for rides and keep up with mum and dad no problem.