Genesis - Vagabond 2018 Now in stock £1099.00


The Vagabond is back for the new 2018 season (already) and looking cool in its new colours.

Is it green? Is it Gold? Is it khaki? Is it yellow? Is it a 29er? Is it a road bike?  Why's it got bar end shifters? Why's it got big tyres? Dunno its just COOL! Ride it!!

Fancy a 29er but also fancy a road bike? This is it.

Vagabond is a ‘monstercross’ bike in the loosest sense of the term; the illegitimate lovechild of a road and mountain bike, a ‘frankenbike’ that has long been the staple of shed tinkerers, the result of many an experimental ‘I wonder if…’ spare parts box builds.

The late, great Steve Worland summed them up nicely as "…the perfect cross-dresser for those long, steady rides that encompass a bit of everything." Touer, commuter, ruffty tuffy road bike, the Vagabond will happily turn it's hand to most diciplines with as much as a simple tyre swap.