Park Tool - SBS1 - Socket and bit set

Park Tool - SBS1 - Socket and bit set
The SBS-1 is a complete, shop quality set of the most common 3/8 inch drive Chrome Vanadium sockets, hex bits and Torx style bits
Suitable for use with Park Tool torque wrenches for setting all component fastenings to the specified level
The set includes a convenient holder and the following tools
Sockets: 8, 9 ,10 ,11 ,12 ,13 ,14 ,15 mm and 1 inch (fits various Park Tool Freewheel, lockring and bottom bracket tools)
Hex bits: 3, 4 ,5 ,6 ,8 and 10 mm
Torx style bits: T25, T30 and T40
Torx is a registered trademark of Acument Intellectual Property, LLC