Madison Clothing Launch New Autumn Winter 2023 Range

One of the longest standing clothing brands in our store, Madison, has launched an all new Autumn and Winter range for 2023.

There is a reason we have stocked Madison Clothing for so long, it is good quality kit that will last years, all with a friendly price tag. All Madison clothing comes with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee and they will also be offering a repair service in the UK so damaged clothing doesn't have to head straight to the rubbish heap!

Read the full press release below:


Madison Clothing is pleased to launch its new range of technical mountain bike apparel that has been designed with British winter riding conditions in mind.

The brand-new Autumn Winter ’23 range is shaping up to be the best season ever for Madison Clothing. The brand has signed up a whole range of named partners – specifically Primaloft, D3O and AX Suede – and this collection will be the most advanced and technical clothing the brand has ever produced.

New jackets for the Flux and DTE lines headline the range, and the DTE (which stands for Defy the Elements) jacket has an incredible 20K/40K waterproof/breathability rating making its £200 price tag extremely competitive compared to similarly rated products on the market. You’ll also be able to see the new DTE 3L waterproof bib trousers, a first for Madison Clothing, and a product that will be sure to turn heads for both its performance and looks.

On top of the materials, the design team have also been hard at work focusing on fit and on-bike performance of the kit. That includes improved stretch, leg length options for certain lines and a re-vamped fit across the women’s range. Talking of women’s kit, Madison Clothing has renewed its commitment to female riders with these new products by creating a women’s specific kit for every product in the range for the first time ever.

Another fantastic part of the new line-up is the move towards sustainability. 90% of the range is from recycled materials, all the zips are recycled as are the reflective prints and even the packaging is now plastic-free and uses significantly less ink for the printing than previously as well.

We are also proud to introduce our new garment repair service. Aimed at maintaining and repairing products that may no longer be covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, the new service opens up an opportunity to repair, alter or adjust products either under guarantee or for a small cost.

Thomas Plummer, Head of Madison Apparel, said: “We’re super proud of this range. There’s been a massive focus on fit and function and everything has been tested both in a lab and on a bike. We’ve introduced new technology, styling and colours whilst keeping the Madison brand accessible and affordable.

“We’re also conscious about sustainability. The best products are durable products that riders love and they should be used over and over. This has always been part of the Madison brand, but we’ve also focussed on introducing certified recycled yarns (90% of AW23 is recycled), recycled zips (all zippers) and recycled reflective components (all reflective). Our packaging is plastic free and we are working with a repair centre to keep products going for longer.”


The new range is available in our store right now as well as on our online shop. Come on by and see it for yourself.