Abus Cable Lock Racer 6412K




The ABUS Racer 6412K cable lock consists of a 12 mm thick coiled cable that deters thieves. Nobody will take your bike away in a hurry if you lock it with this lock. A numerical code is not necessary, simply lock it with the key and your bike is secured.

The ABUS Racer 6412K cable lock is a flexible spiral cable lock can be easily attached to the frame, seat post or luggage rack in the included Snap Cage bracket, so that you always have it at hand.



  • 12 mm thick, high quality and super flexible coiled cable
  • Plastic coating to protect against paint damage
  • Cable locks are characterized by good flexibility and relatively low weight
  • The lock is ideal as a second lock for component security
  • Good protection with low risk of theft
  • Recommended for securing inexpensive two-wheelers
  • SCMU (Snap Cage MU) - holder for attachment to seat post, frame or luggage rack tube with 15 - 55 mm diameter.
  • Installation is tool-free and easy with tensioning straps.
  • Key operated
  • Weight: 386g