Bike Club Do Gaping Gill



An exciting day adventure to Gaping Gill Pot hole.

Gaping Gill is a natural cave on the side of Ingleborough.  The event is run by Bradford Pothole who will winch us down individually in a special seat into the large cave chamber approx 100m below.

We will ride to the pothole from clapham at 10am and eat lunch at the winch site whilst we wait for our group slot to become available.

This activity is suitable for our Saturday night group and Sunday morning session riders.  Please note the children need to ride alone on the winch.  They will be met by ourselves at the bottom of the pothole. Its a very safe activity but can be slightly daunting children must be confident to do this.

Bradford Pothole have very kindly reserved us 12 spaces for the children and our 2 instructors to go down in to the cave  Whilst we would very much welcome parents to ride with us we are not able to arrange access to the pothole for you.  The price of the trip is £20 which is the cost of the pothole access.  All other costs will be met by the bike club. Lunch is required. Booking is essential