Exposure Lights - TraceR MK2 ReAKT + Peloton



ntelligent rear lighting within a lightweight body that is ideal for safer riding on the road, either solo or in a chain gang. With a trio of different illumination technologies this has you covered, whatever the ride. By using just a single LED we are able to design a lens to get the beam going where it needs to. This means maximising the output from the LED in a way to make sure you are seen, no matter where you are. Visibility from over 1 kilometre away, and a 240 degree halo of red light behind.

In the box:TraceR MK2 ReAKT, Seatpost Mount, Micro USB Charge Cable, QS Guide

The Nitty Gritty:

IP Rating IP6
Max Lumens 75
Battery 700 mAh Li-Ion
Runtime 3 - 24 Hours (FL)
Charging Time 3 Hours
Weight 35g
Material Anodised 6063 Aluminium
Length 57mm
Head Diameter 28mm
In The Box TraceR ReAKT MK2, Seatpost Mount, Micro-USB Charge Cable, QS Guide