Niner AIR 9 Hardtail MTB



To AIR 9 is human

An aluminium hardtail with the DNA of a trail bike
If a cross-country race bike met a rugged trail bike in the woods, their love child might look a lot like our AIR 9 aluminium hardtail. This bike blends the agility and efficiency of a pedal-friendly XC bike with the versatility, toughness and capability of a rowdy trail rig.


Versatility x durability = maximum fun factor

Let's face it. The AIR 9, Niner's lightweight aluminium hardtail, has always been capable. So how do you make capable even better? For one thing, we keep the excellent qualities of Niner's tried and true, hydroformed aluminium. Lightweight and snappy, poppy and peppy, the AIR 9 has plenty of stiffness to get you up to speed when you stomp on the pedals.

Next, apply our [R]evolution geometry which puts the rider in the sweet, balanced spot on the bike and the ride experience goes up, way up. Then, add Boost 148 spacing because tire and wheel options are a good thing. Top it off with internal routing for a dropper post and you've made one capable bike even more capable.

Run it geared. Run it singlespeed. Comfortable enough for all day riding and quick enough to pin it at the races, the new AIR 9 handles what you throw at it. Genetically engineered? Maybe not. But it sure is fun to ride.

Not just any old aluminium

This modern metal alloy is tried and true. We’ve been working with aluminium and other alloys for more than a decade, and we’re proud of our know-how. The resulting hydroformed AIR 9 frame makes the most of the material properties to blend stiffness and comfort in a durable package.

Fitted with a 120mm fork and with room for oversized, 29x2.4” (or 27.5x3.0”) tires, this bike is fit for any trail. It’s optimised for modern trail riding, long days in the saddle, and all around good times.

“Trail country” geometry

Blurring the lines between modern trail bike geometry and traditional cross-country geometry, the AIR 9 occupies a niche we lovingly call “trail country.” If you’re doing a combination of long pedaling rides, stiff climbs, extended descents, and spicy technical sections, you’ll love what we’ve done here. “Trail country” geometry translates to modern trail manners when you need them most, with no sacrifice of efficiency or agility.

The roomy cockpit has a comfortable reach for short stem lengths, giving you quick handling and plenty of maneuverability to blast through rock gardens and cut hard corners. The steep 74-degree seat angle gets you centered over the BB for climbing and pairs nicely with the short 430mm chainstay length for supreme pedaling efficiency.. And of course, the slack, 68-degree head tube angle and long wheelbase contribute stability and self-confidence when you’re dropping into the steepest lines.


Niner Bikes Limited Lifetime Warranty

Niner is a company of cyclists. We believe in the quality of the bikes and components we produce. We ride, we race, and we engineer our products to give our riders the best experience possible. Therefore, we back up our bikes with the best service and support possible, including a limited lifetime warranty for the original owners of Niner bike frames purchased after Sept 1, 2019.

This warranty only covers defective materials and/or construction. It does not cover external factors such as: damage due to crashing, impact damage due to rock strikes, impact damage due to frame tip-over, paint scratching due to muddy rides or abrasion by foreign material, nor corrosion due to humidity or saltwater. Please read the full policy below.

We hope you’re riding daily. But the normal wear and tear associated with using our stuff is not covered under warranty. This warranty applies only to the original owner with valid proof of purchase and is non-transferable.

Warranty registration is mandatory! You MUST register your product with Niner to be eligible for warranty coverage. Be sure to upload valid proof of purchase: a dated sales receipt from an authorised Niner dealer showing description of the Niner item purchased and price; and/or an official, dated confirmation email from an authorised online Niner dealer or reseller confirming the purchase and shipment of the Niner product, including product description and price. Niner can't honour warranty claims without sufficient proof of purchase.