POC Tectal Helmet - Medium/Large




Product description

If you’re going to be riding hard, tickling the edge of tyre grip on hard turns, pushing jumps further and higher and generally going all-in on your ride, a crash is almost inevitable. It’s how you progress after all. And when you do hit the ground, the Tectal MTB Helmet delivers.

Take on The Trails with Confidence

The construction method is borrowed from POC’s groundbreaking Octal road cycling helmet. This sees a tough unibody shell bonded to a shock-absorbing EPS liner. The shell provides durable protection against minor knocks and in the event of a more serious fall enhances structural integrity. An Aramid bridge system, first seen in POC’s proven and award-winning Trabec helmet also allow POC to further enhance structural stability and improve penetration protection.

At the core of the helmet is the EPS foam liner. This is the layer that soaks up harder head impacts during a fall. The density and thickness vary in order to optimise protection where it’s needed most.

The design of the Tectal also sees greater coverage specifically tailored for mountain biking. This gives extra protection across the temples and back of the head, so you’re covered if you go over the bars or off the back.

And if that wasn’t enough, a RECCO® Reflector lets emergency services scan for you should you become lost on a backcountry mountain biking adventure.

Cool Comfort

When you’re riding, you’ll soon be building up body heat. And with it, sweat. And so POC have ensured ventilation is optimised. In fact, they’ve used wind-tunnel testing to get the airflow just right, so whether going fast or slow, you’ll enjoy fresh air over your head.

360-degree Fit System

In order to keep the Tectal in place, you’ll find POC’s lightweight 360° fit system. This offers an easy-to-operate and precise fit, ensuring your helmet remains comfortable when riding and stays securely in place in the event of a crash.