Premax -Women's Chamois Cream



Premax Anti Friction Cream Women is a long lasting, multi purpose, and female specific formula
A delicate pH balance provides females with the perfect product to suit their bodies
Premium ingredients include vitamin e, shea butter, rose hip oil, macadamia nut oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil
This product reduces the friction and subsequent abrasion of skin to skin or fabric to skin contact
For best results, apply liberally and evenly at least 5 minutes before sports or exercise
Reapply at regular intervals as required
Quote from Katie Zaferes, Professional Triathlete and Olympian: I’m so excited that Premax has come out with an anti friction cream specific to women. It ensures that I’m comfortable on those long rides allowing me to produce the best effort and power without being distracted by discomfort in the saddle. It’s long-lasting, soothing and consistent thus enabling me to ride happy and comfortably no matter the distance