Storm Technical Garment wash and eco proof twinpack - 6 x (2 x 225ml)



  • Technical garments have both waterproof membrane's and a Durable Water Repellent coating that ensures the garment performs at its peak and is not absorbing water or wetting out. The DWR performance can be reduced by dirt, sweat, grease, washing powder and general use. Dirt and debris accumulates on the surface and in the microscopic pores of the fabric, it can then begin to lose breathability and water repellency. Therefore keeping garment clean ensures that it performs as intended
  • At the same time as washing using a dedicated Apparel Wash, it is possible to include an Eco Re-proofer in the cycle to physically restore the DWR coating on the exterior fabric. Applying this revitalises a garment to as close as possible original performance.
  • You need both products, so why not choose this handy twin pack of Eco Wash and Eco Proof - increase the life span of your apparel by keeping it clean, and restore its water repellency using the proofer
  • Use STORM Apparel Wash to clean your garment - specially formulated to clean performance apparel to restore breathability and aid water repellency
  • Use STORM Apparel Eco Proofer to reproof your garment - restores original DWR finish to waterproof garments and equipment leaving a patented abrasion resistant Eco friendly finish
  • Suitable for all outdoor wear textiles
  • Wash: pH Neutral, Proof: PCF Free Eco formula
  • 2 x 225ml tins delivering enough Wash and Proof for 3 loads
  • Directions for use: WASH - Shake bottle and pour 75ml into detergent compartment of your washing machine. PROOF - Shake bottle, pour 75ml into conditioner compartment. Wash following garment manufacturer’s guidelines. Allow to drip dry then finish drying in a tumble dryer
  • Contains: WASH - Naphthalene sulfonate and Anionic. PROOF - Polyurethane, Polymers, Cationic
  • Safe use: CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin
  • Colour