Wensleydale Bike Club Saturday Evening Group



Wensleydale Bike Club Saturday Evening Group

We are starting and finishing at 4 lanes end on the Roman Road ( please see map below). 5pm start. This is our last session until after 1/2 term when we will assess the weather conditions.

 Don't forget to book on for your Halloween 1/2 term ride on the 28th October.


This group is for experienced riders of around 10+years.  You must be confident riding off ride terrain and have a level of fitness to manage 2 hours riding including hills.  This groups sets off from a variety of points in Wensleydale and beyond. This session is subject to £5 subscription which can be paid in cash or BACS to the Bike Club account (details available on request).



If you need a bike or lift please specify in the notes

If this is your first time booking I would request that you ring first or email me to check this group is correct for your child.