Wensleydale Bike Club Sunday Morning Group



Wensleydale Bike Club Session.

Sunday 10am Meeting at the cafe.

My apologises if the website is not updated quickly or social media posts are late.  The bike club is run in my non-working time.  Unfortunately Stage 1 were recently unexpectedly left very short of staff therefore I am working more hours to cover this shortage.  Regrettably this will sometimes impact on bike club.  However we will Not Panic and Carry on.

This a coaching group for beginner and improver MTB riders of around 5+years. You must be confident riding your bike, be able to brake, change gears and ride in a group on a road with an instructor. This groups sets off from a variety of points in Wensleydale and beyond. This session is subject to £5 subscription which can be paid in cash or BACS to the Wensleydale Bike Club account (details available on request)

If you need a bike or lift please specify in the notes

If this is your first time booking I would request that you ring first or email me to check this group is correct for your child